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financial-formsFees for Dental Care

The cost for providing dental care has been steadily increasing. In order to control increases and to avoid passing them on to you, our office does not wish to bill or extend credit. Therefore, unless prior arrangements are made, full payment is expected for services rendered at each visit.

Dental Insurance

Fees for services are the same for all patients, whether or not they have a dental insurance program.

As a courtesy to our patients, we will be happy to complete and file insurance forms relative to dental treatment; however, our professional services are rendered toward your child, not the insurance company. It is preferred that you pay for treatment as it is rendered or according to a pre-arranged dental plan. Please remember that all dental fees charged to your account are your responsibility, not the dental insurance company's.

Our business staff makes every attempt to estimate what your insurance will pay at each visit. However, due to the great number of dental plans that cover our patients, it is not possible to give an exact estimate of what you will owe at each visit. You will need to pay what we estimate at each visit. We will then accept payment from the insurance company for the procedures performed and then you will be billed if there is any remaining balance.

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